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Quartz is resilient to surface damage, and generally only diamonds or quartz itself will scratch it. The finish is totally carefree and needs no sealing, polishing, or reconditioning; just use simple soap or water. A damp cloth or paper towel with liquid detergent will clean most spills.

Due to being virtually non-porous, with extremely low moisture absorbency, quartz is nearly impossible to stain. Safe for food preparation, quartz reduces the potential for bacteria and contamination. Avoid abrasive cleaners containing high alkaline/ph levels or chemicals containing methylene chloride or trichlorethane, such as paint remover or furniture stripper.

Quartz is heat resistant, although it can be damaged by sudden and rapid changes of temperature especially near the edges. Using a griddle, grill, or other electrical appliances with a heat element may affect the structural integrity of the engineered stone. We highly recommend using a hot pad or trivet.

Color consistency is great for quartz tops. No problems of conflicting grains, veins, or “movement” are found with natural stones. However, each slab may differ slightly in color, so any seams may be slightly visible.

Quartz Colors

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